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724 Acrylic Acid Series Weak Acid Cation Exchange Resin


This is a kind of cation exchange resin which has carboxylic acid groups [-COOH] in the acrylic acid-divinylbenzene copolymer. It is produced by using the way of once pore forming with twice polymerizations.This product has good physical and chemical properties,such as large exchange capacity, speedy exchange ability, strong organic contamination resistance, good regenerability, speedy elution, good physical strength, strong capabilities of permeation resistance and so on.

2.Typical Physical and Chemical Properties

Items Specification
Appearance White translucent spherical particle
Water retention(%) 45-55
Total exchange capacity(mmol/g)(dry) ≥9.5
Apparent wet density(g/ml) 0.70-0.78
True wet density(g/ml) 1.05-1.15
Particle size range(%)(0.315-1.25mm) 95
Effective size(mm) 0.4-0.7
Coefficient of uniformity ≤1.6
Total reversible swelling(%) H → Na 70
Ionic from as shipped H+

3.Suggested Operating Condition

Items Parameters
Opearting pH-range 5-14
Maximum opearting temperature(°C) 120
Working flow rate(m/h) 10-30
Concentration of regenerant(%) HCl:3-5;NaOH:3-5


It is mainly used in separation and purification of biochemical products,such as chymotrypsin, Cytochrome C, Gentamicin,   trypsin, lysozyme, streptomycin and other many biochemical pharmaceuticals.

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